Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another snippet...

...Was I going crazy?
 “You’re not crazy.” Holly said softly into my ear.
 Startled, I sat up in my bed to see her, standing at the side of my bed. “You’re dead.” I stated plainly. 
She laughed lightly and replied, “Was that a statement of fact or was it a question?” 
I looked down at the floor to see if she had legs too, and she did. She looked as real as anyone I had ever met. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the room that I hadn’t seen. We were alone. 
“Well,” I said quietly, “If I’m not crazy, and you are dead, what does that make me?” 
“Almost dead? Barely alive? Why does that matter? What matters is you can see me and hear me. Isn’t that what you want?” 
I could feel my face twist up with a confused look on my face. She smiled and said “Eventually, you will have to choose. Not today, not even next week, but soon enough.” 
And with that last bombshell, she faded from my sight. It would take me some time before I felt right with the world. She basically told me that I was dying and I wasn’t ready for that.  But frankly, who the hell is ready to die in the first place?...

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